FIRING BACK: Power Strategies For Cutting The Best Deal When You’re About To Lose Your Job
By Jodie-Beth Galos and Sandy Mcintosh
(John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0-471-18031-9)

Jodie-Galos Negotiate Losing Your Job

To Survive And Thrive, Learn How To Negotiate Your Departures

Firings, terminations, layoffs, downsizings, constructive discharges, job re-structurings, rightsizings, merger redundancies, job mobility pooling--whatever these departures are dubbed, have actually become a regular and permanent part of American life…and, maybe, YOUR life. You must be prepared to handle these all too common events—your employer is. Rather than approaching your departure with dread, view it as an opportunity to buttress your finances and enhance your self-esteem. Learn how to say good-bye profitably.

FIRING BACK helps you with comprehensive information and advice about the entire termination process, from reading the signs of imminent firing;
i  Handling the termination meeting
i  Countering your employer’s negotiation tactics
i  Cutting a successful exit deal
i   Deciding when to take an employer to court for illegal dismissal

The book also covers major issues of concern to recently terminated employees, including replacing insurance, exploring investment possibilities, and understanding employment law.

Written in a direct and unabashed style, FIRING BACK outlines clear strategies for turning the tables on termination. Its major points are studded with true and sometimes very funny “Notes From The Firing Line”: anecdotes in the voices of real people that appear throughout the book.

More than just a guide to specific employment negotiations, FIRING BACK responds to the overall shift in the employer-employee relationship. In the job climate of the present and future, when you will be dealing with many employers during your career, the only way to win is to negotiate. FIRING BACK will prepare you to better negotiate for everything, every step of the way.